Cardiovascular research imaging and data core laboratory
specialized in Intracoronary physiology and imaging

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Meet the team

A portrait of Dr. Ricardo Petraco

Dr. Ricardo Petraco

Founder and director of coronary physiology

A portrait of Dr. Daniel Chamie

Dr. Daniel Chamie

Founder and director
of intravascular imaging

A portrait of Dr. Sayan Sen

Dr. Sayan Sen

Coronary physiology and structural

A portrait of Prof. Darrel Francis

Prof. Darrel Francis

Echocardiography and
Artificial Intelligence

A portrait of Dr. Mathew Shun Shin

Dr. Mathew Shun Shin

Director of Echocardiography
and Artificial Intelligence

World leading clinical academics with
unmatched experience in cardiology research

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WHat we do

cardiovascular Image and data

We specialize in imaging and physiology data analysis for cardiovascular research, with a particular expertise in intracoronary imaging and physiology.

and data analysis

We can help early with study design, so that the correct questions are asked, and the appropriate answers are found. We can also advise on or run statistical analysis plans.

Bespoke solutions
and AI

We use both commercial and in-house developed  software which enables a custom-made approach to imaging and data processing and analysis. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions to imaging analysis mean we can offer accurate and timely processing times.

data safety Globally

We use zero-knowledge encrypted servers based in Europe and the US, offering GDPR complaint solutions to partners and clients around the world.

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